Want to Win Them Back? Pretend They Are Your Coworker

Stop everything. Put your phone down. Stop asking your friends for advice. Get off Reddit. This is how to get your ex back. Listen, to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back the reality is that you will have to do the opposite of what your intuition is guiding you to do. Want to text them? … Read more

How to deal with them seeing someone else

Oh… Believe me. I know this feeling. You can’t eat, sleep or function throughout your day and the thought of them being intimate with someone else is agonizing.  The good news: you aren’t alone. Others have gone through the exact same feeling you are having and have come out alive. There’s nothing special about your … Read more

The “Hey” text

You just broke up 3 days ago. You are getting all kinds of mixed signals. You want your ex back but their actions don’t seem to be matching their words. Then. They hit you with the “Hey” text out of nowhere. WTF? What does that even mean??? Here’s what I would do. IGNORE. This is … Read more

Should I delete my ex from social media?

It’s the weekend. The weather is literally perfect and the sun is rising. You have your warm coffee next to you. You’re checking your emails, feeling refreshed and ready to start your day, but you decide to check Facebook one last time before you close your computer and then you see it… Your ex just … Read more

4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Ex

Your front jean pocket vibrates.  You reach in nervously with your shaky right hand, flip over the iPhone and see that your ex-partner is calling. Unsure about what to do, you make an emotionally impulsive decision and decide to answer. (Mistake #1) The dialogue begins with some basic small talk, but then the conversation starts … Read more

When to start dating after a breakup

It’s Friday night and the sun’s been down for hours. You don’t feel like going out because you lack the energy and, frankly, you’ve lost the desire to do anything since the separation. So you download a couple dating apps, pull out a cold Foster’s Lager from the fridge, and figure this might be a … Read more