4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Ex

Your front jean pocket vibrates. 

You reach in nervously with your shaky right hand, flip over the iPhone and see that your ex-partner is calling.

Unsure about what to do, you make an emotionally impulsive decision and decide to answer. (Mistake #1)

The dialogue begins with some basic small talk, but then the conversation starts getting sour as soon as you bring up the relationship. (Mistake #2)

They say they have to go. 

You call back, but there’s no answer. (Mistake #3) You send them a text, but there’s no reply. (Mistake #4)

Four mistakes in less than 5 minutes and you may have lost them forever.

During a breakup, you are walking on eggshells. Every seemingly innocuous decision you make can be a potential deal breaker. 

Here are the top 4 things you should never do if you want your ex back: 

1) Pour your entire heart out

A game is being played right now between your ex & you. It’s called The Relationship Game.

I know many of you reading that last sentence may have squinted at the thought of playing games, but I call it like it is.

Don’t believe me? Then how come you haven’t told them that you stalk their social media 78 times a day, think about them 122x a day, and literally can’t imagine living without them?

I know why. It is because you know that won’t help. 

Either you’ve tried it and it backfired (I’ve been there) or you know from your own intuition that you will come across as needy. This is game playing. 

Do this instead: 

Mirror their emotions and maybe go a hair higher.

This isn’t an interview. If you keep trying to qualify yourself to your ex, you will lose. This is more like a dance. Both of you have to put in effort in order to see positive results.

2) Accept every invitation to hang out

Would an attractive, busy man be able to accept every invitation? No.

Do this instead:

Accept 80% of invites and ensure that they are also accommodating to you. If you don’t don’t this, you’re subliminally telling your ex that you have nothing else going on in your life and their life is worth more than yours. 

3) Ask if they are dating someone else

This is weak. A true confident man doesn’t care to compare, because he knows what he brings to the table.

Stop comparing.

Do this instead:

Pretend the other person doesn’t exist.

4) Change who you are for who she wants you to be

She wants you to grow a beard? Don’t.
She wants you to buy those shoes you secretly despise? Don’t.
She wants you to talk differently. Don’t.

You get the picture. 

If you bow down to every request, she will know that deep down that she still controls you. A woman doesn’t want that. 

Do this instead:

Make sure your life priorities are set up properly. Here’s a basic before & after example for you that’s overly simplified.

Life priorities (wrong):

  1. Her
  2. You

Life priorities (right):

  1. You
  2. Your life goals, needs, desires
  3. Her

Bowing down to every request will only validate her suspicion that she still has control over you. 

What’s sexy about that? Absolutely nothing.

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